This year has been full of new and fun creative opportunities to participate in our creative community- things "outside the box" from my normal art routine... 

•May 2016- I was asked to work with TOMS at the Fargo Marathon Expo at the Fargo Dome . (Yes, TOMS shoes!) I worked along with 2 other artists at their booth painting custom designs on shoes for customers, which was an intimidating yet amazing experience! (There's no 'undo' key when you are using permanent paint on expensive shoes, haha)

•August 2016- I worked with The Arts Partnership and 9 other local artists at ChalkFest (at the Red River Zoo) We each created a 4ftx4ft "chalksterpiece" at the front entrance! I decided to draw a mermaid (who happened to look just enough like a certain Disney princess) because I felt it would look really cool and colorful with the chalk pastels we were using. SO fun!

•November 2016- Dayna with  The Arts Partnership asked me to create a new chalk piece outside Gate City Bank downtown to promote Chalkfest 2017, so I busted out the sidewalk chalk and went to town (literally, it was downtown Fargo) This was quite the unique experience because of the time of year, but fortunately we didn't have any weather worries that day. I was in a mood to draw some cute woodland animals, and to make it interesting, I dressed them up in cute bowties and winter sweaters. Some are holding coffee too which I thought was only fitting since there are so many coffee shops around:)

Gosh we have an amazing art community in Fargo- I can't wait to get involved in something else... if anyone has ideas, CONTACT ME!